MLM Development

Unicode offers feature rich web applications using a wide range of technologies. Process driven approach alongside industry expertise, functional experience and technological capabilities has enabled Unicode to deliver robust web applications to businesses worldwide

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MLM Development

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) solutions are devised to make the MLM operations convenient. Robust & feature rich MLM solutions are essential for companies who depend on their distributors for marketing company's products. Unicode leverages Zendfox MLM, a robust web application framework in providing a wide range of MLM software solutions for diverse business models.

Why Zendfox MLM

Zendfox-MLM is developed by Unicode with a vision to revive the MLM business by integrating efficiency, technology, innovation, convenience, quality & flexibility in a single solution. Being a Global Technology & IT Company & a major player in developing MLM Softwares, Unicode System has brought this phenomenal MLM software that can act as a vector to take MLM businesses to new heights.

Highlights of Zendfox MLM

  • Flexibility & extensibility
  • Speed
  • Minimized coding
  • Easy to configure
  • Accuracy
  • Less manual efforts
  • Quality software
  • Minimized errors

MLM Services

E-Pin Generator

E-pin is a unique numeric/alphanumeric/alphabetic value that enables the clients to register, get the membership, & perform transactions in a secure way. It is the most preferred way for the MLM companies to make members & carry on transactions without hassle. Getting E-Pin Generation software integrated with your MLM site makes the details of transactions & the Members easily manageable. We provide services as per your requirements to enable you to carry on your MLM business smoothly.

E-Pin Generator Software Includes

  • Issue e-Pin
  • Cancel e-Pin
  • Show e-Pin
  • e-Pin Status
  • Search e-Pin
  • Send e-Pin by SMS
  • Send e-Pin in User Panel
  • e-Pin wise Report
  • Easy to manage Member e-Pin Status
  • Online Request
  • E-pin Assignment
  • Scratch Cards
  • E-pin Assignment
  • Scratch Cards
  • Ordering using Credit Cards
  • Secure & safe mode for taking membership
  • Flexible way of transactions
  • User friendly interface
  • Customized E-PIN Generator services

E-Wallet System

E-Wallet System enables you to make ecommerce transactions quickly & securely alongside providing you the facility to store & use the monetary transaction information for online shopping. Integration of E-Wallet System with your MLM software ensures that members receive their own transaction account which acts as a virtual bank account having all the relevant information of funds & commissions.

Features of our E-Wallet System service

  • Facilitate PIN Purchase
  • Support Online shopping
  • Enable Cash request
  • Manage Fund Transfer
  • Well recorded Transactions
  • Security and encryption for the personal information
  • Self-Managed
  • Accurate transactions

Online Shopping

Online shopping is a trend that is increasingly gaining importance in the world of MLM. It offers greater flexibility to members for doing transactions on web. Integration of Online Shopping with the MLM site ensures real time purchase of any product through the member panel directly which helps members to easily and quickly complete their transactions. This facilitates the MLM Companies to sell their products to their members on the web with utmost convenience.

Our features include

  • Facilitate the purchase for company's members
  • Quick & easy transactions
  • Offer Online selling point to the company for the members

SMS Integrator

SMS Integration software is a very useful tool in your hands that facilitates handling and delivery of bulk SMS to your target customer. It is a quick & convenient way to reach to your customers with offers, news & all the relevant information about your products & services.

SMS integration services includes

  • SMS on new Joining / Registration
  • SMS on payout
  • e-Pin SMS
  • Bulk SMS
  • City/Area/State wise Bulk SMS
  • Date wise SMS
  • Seminar SMS
  • Custom integration

Cheque Printing Software

Cheque printing is an activity prominently performed by MLM companies. However, it can be a tedious task if performed manually. Our Cheque printing software, integrated with your MLM site will enable you to print cheques conveniently in your own customized formats.

Our feature includes

  • Support any Printer
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Print cheques
  • Multi Language printing
  • Cheque cancellation
  • Stop Payment
  • Reissue
  • Reporting
  • Calculate TDS Amounts
  • Digital Signatures
  • Print various TDS Forms
  • E-Filing & Income Tax Returns
  • Import from multiple file types (Text, Excel, Database, Tally, ODBC also)
  • Export from cheque Details(Text, Excel)

Smart Cards

Smart Card is a hi-tech & secure way to manage the complete program lifecycle of your MLM business. Smart Card containing a "chip" with memory is typically used to hold customer account information / Points / Money / Balances & also to manage Loyalty Programs where in complete information of the member can be read, written and updated securely with the help of Smart Card reader that can update the information in Smart Card appropriately. We offer you Smart Card services for your MLM business to enable you to manage customer’s information more safely, accurately & effectively.

Salient Features of Smart Card

  • Complete Program lifecycle Management – Personalization / Issue / Transactions
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Encryption and PIN capabilities reduce the risk of theft and loss of Card
  • Blocking / Reissue Facility
  • Compatible with International Standard of Card Readers
  • MIS Reports
  • Secure & accurate way to update information