Development Process

We at Unicode, after years of experience, now very well understand significance of a robust & well documented software development process.

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Development Process

Unicode effectively plans and manage the Software Development Lifecycle right from Requirements to Deployment and Enhancements. Using our 5DM methodology, we can considerably reduce the development costs, time and overhead thus enabling you to concentrate on your core business activities. Unicode’s development methodology can be divided into following phases

  • Discover

    This phase covers critical tasks like understanding client’s business environment, objectives and pain points. After an extensive analysis our team comes up with an action plan and if you like what we are offering, we will formally start working together.

  • Define

    We familiarize ourselves with every aspect of client’s business. Based on our findings, we prepare a Scope of Work (SOW), delivery milestones and timelines. The development plan will be flexible enough to account for any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Design

    During Design phase, our team works closely with client’s team in order to develop the detailed UI, architecture, database design, test strategy and use cases for your product.

  • Develop

    In this phase, we execute the development plan. Keeping in mind the requirements, we can move ahead with a wide range of development methodologies like Spiral and iterative development or various types of agile methodologies. Our team headed by a Project Manager works very closely with the client’s team and keeps them abreast of the developments and updates.

  • Deploy

    Unicode offers consulting and deployment services for commissioning the system at client’s test environment for acceptance testing. After successful acceptance testing, we also assist our clients in launching the system on beta and the production environment.

  • Maintain

    Once the application goes prime time, Unicode will provide services for ongoing release management, maintenance, enhancements and support.

    Our active engagement will ensure that the investment you have made in software development gives you the best bang for the buck.