Engagement Models

Be it a one-time project or an on-going multi-year liaison, Unicode offers flexible Engagement Models to its clients.

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Engagement Models

Unicode offers flexible Engagement Models which enables efficiency and significant cost savings to our clients, be it a onetime project or a multi-year engagement, we offer efficacious Engagement Models personalized for your business requirements.

Our clients have the privilege to choose from various engagement models described below or a mix of these models:

Fixed Cost Time & Material Dedicated Resource

This model is apt for projects that are built around a fixed scope, budget and timeline. This model is best suited for small to mid-sized projects.

In this model, the Projects are contracted for a defined or open ended number of hours in order to provide clients greater flexibility to manage the evolving requirement specifications on an ongoing basis depending on their respective business dynamics.

This model facilitates staffing solutions wherein our resources are assigned to and are dedicated solely to a client's project. This model brings in tremendous flexibility and cost saving as for every such engagement with a minimum commitment period of one quarter, we provide project Management, QA and design services without any additional costs.


The duration and budget of the project is anticipated to be on the lower side.

Requirements are not expected to evolve and change during the development process.

Addition to the scope and other enhancements are to be implemented only after the current project phase has been completed successfully.

Requirements, features and specifications are expected to evolve during the development phase.

Overall project duration cannot be anticipated.

Structural and Architecture-level changes are anticipated during the development phase.

Clients want to avail a complete team stack while being billed just for the developers.

Clients want to extend their IT staff to our development center thus making the best use of the attractive offshore billing rates.

Software under development is expected to undergo continuous versioning and feature enhancements.

Maintenance and support is inherent to already developed software modules.


Risk mitigation.

Delivery within stipulated time frame.

Calculated cost with desired quality.

Adequate modification of scope possible during project execution.

Regular updates which enables the clients to squeeze or expand the project.

Resource continuation, knowledge retention and control over resources and processes.

Access to a highly competent resource pool having expertise across a wide range of technologies and business domains.

Enables clients to access experienced IT services at a predicable cost in a predictable environment while they can continue focusing internal resources on strategic priorities.

Resource continuation, knowledge retention and complete control over resources and processes.