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Pay per Click

Pay Per Click marketing has become the standard for obtaining guaranteed top search engine positions in many of today's top search engines. In exchange for listing your URL in search engine is quite simple. In exchange search engines you will be paid for every click that the listing generates.

Pay-Per-Click advertising can generate a significant amount of quality traffic for your website. It has several advantages over the more traditional organic listings and banner advertising. The most beneficial thing in PPC is that you may have direct control over what is displayed in search engine. This method of search engine marketing will not only allow your web site to reach over 80% of all Internet users, but at the same time will allow you an opportunity to sell your products and services directly to those who are searching for them.

Further, as most PPC system are auction based, you can directly influence the position at which your results appear in the results. This is done by the amount that you are prepared to pay for the click, as usually the top bids get the top positions.

PPC is the quickest way to get traffic but it can be costly and bad decisions and especially mistakes will cost you.

We at Unicode Systems
  • Pick up the appropriately targeted keywords for PPC Campaigns
  • Develop the attractive & innovative stuff like titles and description for the PPC Ads.
  • Remain firm on the upper bid limit & avoid getting into bid wars to have an increased ROI.
  • Maintain the low cost per click (CPC) by focusing on less competitive yet targeted keywords.
  • Track the campaign results on a daily basis having focus on the major variables like click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC).
  • Update the client about his campaign progress.