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Technology which is modern, qualitative and effective has become the first need of today’s world, as when involved in development of software solution decides quality of performance it delivers to users.

At Unicode systems, we have a core expertise in PHP, Java, Saas, jQuery, android are capable in efficiently using all latest and core technologies while developing various software and apps


PHP is the widely used open source technology which gives total development flexibility to the developers. PHP is suited for server side web development and is compatible with maximum types of databases and allows rapid bug fixing. PHP is an open source technology hence it is very cost effective to use. PHP offers various types of framework like Magento, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, CakePHP, Zend, Zencart etc. PHP also allows modification in source code to provide high quality and high degree of apps customization.


Java is the most robust and ideal technology to develop software and apps. Using Java we can develop software, web apps and handheld applications also. At Unicode systems, we develop various unique apps and software using Java concept with latest versions of this programing language and create highly customized application products and services. Java is the perfect choice to create server-side applications for online forums, online stores, online polls, online HTML forms, etc., Programs that can run within a web browser and web services are created in this language.


Objective-C language is used in iphone and ipad development platform. Objective-C is the most advanced platform for developing the iOS based mobile apps which gives the number of features to a phone like messaging, gaming, address book, maps, compass and endless others, with each having high quality graphics and audio features. Objective-C is used by the Apple for general-purpose, high-level, object-oriented programming language that adds Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming language. Objective-C used with frameworks like Cocoa and Cocoa Touch to develop the most feature rich and demanding iphone mobile apps.


Software as a service delivery method allows access to business site and software to remotely located organizations at relatively lower cost. Used for connectivity of various business functions it is based on Cloud technology.


Coding language branched out from Java script but uses lesser codes than it. Used to create usability, effects and animations, supports all versions of CSS and also works with Ajax and other coding languages. It is also compatible with all popular web browsers.


Android is a Linux based operating system for smart phones and tablets. We are expert in android application development related to all categories ranging from business administration to utility and entertainment. Android contains JAVA library associated with Android SDK and debugging tools which makes this technology sharper than others. Android development is a cross platform process and can be performed on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. Embedded with Linux Kernel security Android offers features like cross hardware compatibility and easy customization. This multi tasking operating system supports the Inter-Applications Integration and Different ways of Distribution Mechanism.