Security Applications

Every Application that is created becomes useless or even can be proved hazardous for the business if it is not secure. So, in today's business world the robust & highly sophisticated Software Applications are in demand but also with a strong security system. Even the issue of security has become quite bigger concern than having the massive infrastructure. Having highly secure setup with least faults ensures the efficiency of the systems & setup significantly & thus ensures huge profit. So you need to have a secure setup in order to have huge profits & also to beat the competition in the market.

Unicode Systems clearly understands your need to have a secure & safe system for your business & it is determined to deliver the high quality security applications to you to safeguard your setup & to enhance your functionality & also the profits in long run. Unicode Systems is committed to provide you the economical, professional & customized security applications to meet your requirements in the best of the terms.

Unicode Systems focuses on
  • All the aspects of your business setup & its security requirements.
  • Offering you the security applications as per your desires & specifications.
  • Providing you with highly sophisticated & convenient security system for identification, authenticity, encryption, transaction and data interchange.
  • Enabling you to secure your precious data & functional setup from being stolen or destroyed.
  • Providing you the cost effective Security Applications without compromising with the quality.

Unicode Systems possesses a strong team of professionals with ample expertise & dedication that is capable of creating the Security Applications of different types as per your needs & specifications. Our professionals are expert in developing the sophisticated security applications so as to make your system secure by utilizing their unmatched skills & experience along with your needs.

The services that we offer are
  • Security Devices with Biometric features.
  • IR-Bar code based security applications
  • Security Applications for HR Management with Payroll and Finance like employee monitoring systems.
  • Visitor Access Module -Contractual Labour Access Management Module
  • Highly Secure and Redundant Firewalls, VPN Gateways & Wireless access points
  • Secure Internet & Intranet Servers
  • Domain Controllers

We, at Unicode Systems try to explore new measures of security for your system & to provide you the robust security application fulfilling all your security needs. We develop and integrate the application software program with the security devices having different security features like the biometric devices such as, fingerprints, voice-scan, retina-scan, etc; HR & Finance Security devices for better monitoring & so on. We strive to enable you to have a secure system in which your valuable data & resources can stay protected.

Your benefit in working with us
  • Highly sophisticated, Customised & reliable security application.
  • Security applications as per your needs & demands.
  • Completely secured system, data & resources along with enhanced functionality.
  • Built-in security settings.
  • Easy Graphical User Interface
  • Cost effective services with premium quality.

Unicode Systems is determined to offer you the best of the security application services to safeguard your system & business & to secure your data & resources. Please contact us now to know more about us & to avail our services.