Mobile Application Development

We provide offshore mobile application development.

Communication via mobile & its various type mobile applications is the commanding tool in the modern commerce world. Outsourcing of custom mobile application development can provide users with access to real-time information anytime, anywhere on any device. It is a technology that is growing and people are just fond of using it. Some use it just for entertainment and some to generate revenue, by delivering premium and paid contents through it. Nowadays, it is not only used for text messaging, communication and networking, but also for chatting, votes, registrations, ratings, emergency systems, marketing and statistics purposes.

Unicode Systems offer exceedingly customized mobile applications with imaginative content control such as text, images audio, video, etc and rich functionality. We provide offshore mobile application development and porting services that enable clients to experience the benefits of mobility such as instant availability and access, real time integration with dedicated automated devices M2M, GPS systems, SMSC gateways integration, compatibility and integration with the existent information systems, connectivity with GPRS and other locations based services, user friendly features, picture supporting facilities, videos, sounds, and many other.

Unicode Systems focuses on
  • Designing the unique applications to fit your specific requirements and objectives.
  • Providing you fast, high quality and innovative services.
  • Offering you convenient, fast and popular Mobile technology, enabling you to have immediate access to information anytime and anywhere.
  • Delivering you the services fast and cost efficiently.
  • Serving you without any compromise with quality & security of the information received and provided.

Unicode Systems possesses a strong team of highly skilled professionals having expertise that brings lot of values while designing our framework and putting them to work in the live environment successfully. Our frameworks suit application development in and around the technologies like SMS, MMS, GPS, GPRS etc. in the best way.

The services that we offer
  • Adding mobile device interface to existing applications.
  • Enhanced mobile application infrastructure with a location-based services components.
  • Smarter Applications with rich & easy user experience.
  • Mobile-enable existing enterprise applications
  • Test mobile applications from the usability perspective.
  • Implement SyncML-based synchronization of data between mobile devices & enterprise application.
  • Mobile-enable company alerting & notification services to ensure that a mobile workforce has the right information when & where they need it.

Unicode Systems has a team of experts who can design and build Mobile Applications and Website development for Mobile Platforms. We have expertise in developing Mobile Applications across a variety of platforms and devices. Our experts strive hard to give you the best of the services in this field & enable you to experience your business in a new world of technology & advancement.

We provide high quality, time bound, cost effective outsourcing services through our offshore facilities. Unicode Systems is the raised area for development of the entire category Mobile Applications for community & commerce communiqué and Data swap. To avail these mobile application development services contact us now.