SEO Services for Magento

Magento Commerce is an “SEO-friendly” shopping cart, certainly. According to us at Unicode Systems, what “SEO-friendly” really means, is that it allows professional SEOs to do what they need to do in order to optimize the site for search engine optimization. We provide you fine services encompassing the Magento framework regarding SEO & helping you in boosting up your business. Because of our experience in all the arenas, of Magento SEO we're able to combine the expertise to truly deliver a Magento Commerce platform that is more optimized for SEO than you'd find out of the box or even with other developers.

We, at Unicode Systems can help you with SEO services which would eventually result in better Search Engine Rankings for your online Magento Store. Your Online Magento Store SEO can be done better by our professional SEO experts who are familiar with Magento platform, its capabilities, shortcomings and strengths. We up-hold our values for we consider them as the touchstones of our being and the impeccable services that we ceaselessly provide to our customers.

Unicode Systems Approach for Magento services
  • Magento SEO Service is not just a Copy Paste type of thing but a Real engineering.
  • Magento Service depends upon the site layout means how much your site is user friendly.
  • Continuous improvement in SEO techniques with the Google's improvement in his search ranking strategy (Performance based search).
  • Always take Care of that whether Our Magento extension follow The Magento SEO concept.
  • To know the Magento from depth and regularly innovate on Magento related stuff.
  • Emphasize on "Content is king" & provide you with suitable content.
  • Use of meta tags and meta descriptions in the best proportion along with Headline Tags.
  • Provide you with Healthy Backlinks.
  • Update your site content regularly.

Magento provides the option of ‘freebie templates’ as well as ‘premium ones’. But even if our clients opt for the freebie templates, we consider it as our duty to convert them to such eye-catching designs.

Your benefit in working with us
  • Making dynamic pages spiderable by removing session IDs (and other problems).
  • Linking to all pages on a site via text links (or image links) which search engine spiders can follow.
  • Using specific keyword rich page titles, headers, sub-headers, internal linking, and page copy.
  • Building linking campaigns. Most links should use variations of the primarily keyword phrases in the link text.

We provide flawless designs and indisputable content management system to everyone who seeks our services. It is also our sheer concern to make sure that the visibility and prominence of our clients' websites are well established.

Services that we offer are

We do everything possible from adding Canonical URLs, Robot Meta tags, Sitemaps and embedding of links so as to ensure that our magento SEO service is well defined for making of a categorized magento shopping cart of our client's websites. A professional SEO Strategy is essential in acquiring high rankings on search engines as well as optimizing conversions and ROI & this is what we offer you.