Modules & Extensions Development

The Modules and Extensions are among most crucial aspects in Magento framework that add additional elements to the web world or they can be termed as the backbone of the software. At Unicode Systems, we endow with Magento Extension development services by producing Magento Extension modules to expand the functionality of magento framework

Unicode Systems Magento extensions can add on robust functionalities, pull out your markets, reduce running costs and make your store available on the internet with ingenuity and self-sufficiency to revolutionize the perusal and experience of your store. We work on Magento framework not only to produce an on-line store for you but an ideal & attractive shopping point to make your marketing better & in turn helping you enhance your business.

Unicode Systems aims to
  • Provide your website with the right modules and extensions integrated to enhance its functionality.
  • Monitor & update your websites regularly as needed.
  • Ensure that no casual visitors should leave your online store without getting converted into client due to the lack of functionality and shopping features required at your website.
  • Ensure that you can effectively manage and drive your online store to boost up your business.
  • Enhance your on-line store over all functionality both in the front and also at the backend.
  • Integrate new modules and extensions for your Magento online stores with utmost proficiency to give your website a magnetic touch so that your business grows at an exponential rate.

If you want to keep your on-line store regularly updated & enhance its functionality as per the changing business scenario & varying customer's requirements & desires then this can be achieved by the integration of the new modules & extensions of Magento & this can be best achieved by availing the services of Unicode Systems for the integration of the modules & extensions of Magento.

Your benefit in working with us
  • The benefits of all the features of Magento that bring complete elasticity and be in charge of over the look, content, and functionality of your online store.
  • Distinguishing aspects of administration that help you overcome all the obstacles in promoting & marketing your product, search engine optimization and catalogue-management.
  • The ultimate E-commerce Solution crafted to be highly scalable and sponsored by a widespread support network.
  • An unrestrained scalability and flexibility for your on-line store.
  • Unmatched functionalities to your on-line store.
  • The excellent services in terms of modules, easy to use interface, & eye-catching themes.

We, at Unicode Systems specialize in designing & developing new modules and extensions from scrape of the Magento framework and also integrating the available third party modules as per the requirements of the clients according to their on-line store with utmost care to avoid disorders on time & in budget. This ensures that your website will be the one to yield the desirable results.

Unicode Systems works on the following Magento Extension
  • Magento extension for Editor(Fckeditor/Tinymce).
  • Magento extension for Blogs .
  • Magento extension for jqueryZoom.
  • Magento extension for Language Pack.
  • Magento extension for Payment Methods .
  • Magento extension for Tax.
  • Magento extension for Sitemap.
  • Magento extension for Ajax Cart.
  • Magento extension for Affiliate.
  • Magento extension for RSS.
  • Magento extension for Drop Shipping.
  • Magento extension for Gift Certificates / Cards.
  • Magento extension for Live Chat.

Unicode Systems try hard to meet your custom necessities in your online ecommerce shopping cart. We are able to provide you extension / module development according to your requirement without upsetting core functionality of Magento.

Our services in Magento Extension Development, Customization & Integration
  • Payment Gateway Extension Development & Integration.
  • Shipping Extensions.
  • Order Management Related Extensions.
  • Catalog / Product Related Extensions.
  • CMS related Extensions.
  • And also Admin side and Front side extensions based on your requirement.

For your Magento-based online store if you are looking for the prompt and unperturbed integration of the new modules and extensions, here is Unicode Systems to work for you, according to your specifications to enhance the functionality of your on-line store.