Magento Google Base Store Connector Implementation

Don't you think it's better to have a well defined path to reach your destination instead of a blind search headed to nowhere? If you have Magento Commerce store that is running smoothly but would like to ensure that Google users can find your products quickly and easily, it is highly recommended that you implement Google Base Store Connector. This enables the clients to have a better & clear picture of your Company & products & of course an easy access to avail your services.

Unicode Systems is intended to provide you with that path which connects you with your clients in a more convenient & efficient way. This Google Base store connector will act as a mediator between you & your clients to bring them closer to you & cementing your relationship with them in better way and for this Unicode System is the name that you can trust upon for having the best of it.

Unicode system is projected to provide you with the Google Base Store Connector module that
  • Allows Magento Commerce website stores to connect their online store products and services directly to Google.
  • Creates a very effective and efficient communication process between your online store and Google, eliminating the need for you to do this manually.
  • Synchronizes the data automatically from your store, and that way the product and service data contained on you website is always current and available for people to search and find on Google.
  • Meets the Google' content format and requirements and will help you increase the number of website visitors to your website.

The ultimate aim of this Google Base Store Connector is to increase the traffic on to your website & effectively converting the visitors into the clients by facilitating their hunt for the right product & right place to purchase it from. It provides you with the service that you exactly want. At Unicode Systems we offer implementation services for Google Base Store Connector. Count on us to learn more about this service and helping you implement this service on your Magento Commerce website so that more people will find your products and purchase them.

The benefits you would derive by working with us are
  • You will have an easy & effective connection with your clients to communicate your products & advancements to them.
  • You will have an increased traffic to your website & healthy conversion rate of visitors into clients.
  • Your online store will be well communicated with the Google without the need to be done manually by you & you will have an opportunity to utilize your precious energy in some other productive work
  • Your on-line store will be regularly updated with the current information automatically so that the clients could know your services at the latest without any flaws.
  • You will be having best of the services at the most reasonable price & time.
  • Repeated revisions & frequent checkups to keep this updated are also the services you will have.
  • You will have reduced manual work but bigger returns in terms of business.

We, at Unicode Systems implement this tool for you that will put your products in the proper Google base format & you will also have the facility to synchronize multiple sites in one easy step. Call us now to avail these services.