Integration with CRM

Your effective on-line presence can attract the clients to your website & eventually to you for your products but merely bringing the customers to your website doesn't make it count for you. After attracting the customers what becomes more important is to convert them into the clients & build a strong relationship with them for long. Customer Relationship Management is the extremely vital for the improvement of any business. Integration between sales, marketing and customer service departments is the vital factor for ensuring good customer service. At this point the highly advanced & significantly flexible and feature-rich Magento ecommerce platform comes into the forefront.

We at Unicode Systems believe that Customers don't go for a big brand or a company with huge infrastructure or massive profits but the quality of service & goods provided by the company and the due good treatment. It's obvious, that the customer would like to be back to you if he will be treated well & be satisfied by your services. Magento CRM solution is the answer of all your problems related with maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients.

Unicode Systems focuses on
  • Understanding your business & target Customers & provide you appropriate solutions.
  • Capitalizing on the fact that 'Customer is the King' & giving due importance to this while framing out the CRM solutions for you.
  • Allowing you to create a substantial database of the users and track all their activity.
  • Helping you in integrating all the CRM features easily with your online Store.
  • Enabling you to monitor as well as manage customer activities according to specified parameters.
  • Helping you in managing all the information related with your customers and increase the customer loyalty.
  • Offering you a CRM solution that establishes a good interaction between sales, customer and marketing sections of the company.
  • Ultimately helping you to increase product demand and profits in the market.

We, at Unicode Systems have a strong team of completely prepared experts of this sphere that will support you in CRM integration and will also make sure that everything is in tune to make use of the full functionalities of this framework. Our professionals are fully determined to lend their services to you in order to make your on-line store into a full CRM system loaded website which can handle detailed analysis and follow-up procedures using the tools and applications of the CRM.

Your benefits in working with us
  • Streamlined sales and marketing processes.
  • Higher sales productivity.
  • Added cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Improved service, loyalty, and retention.
  • Increased call center efficiency.
  • Higher close rates.
  • Better profiling and targeting.
  • Reduced expenses.
  • Increased market share.
  • Higher overall profitability.
  • Marginal costing.

Unicode Systems helps you in integrating both Magento with CRM in perfect amalgamation. The services that we provide are elastic and easy to amend. We provide aid to install this CRM system and make sure that the process is completed without any trouble. We also make sure that the software is highly customized according to the client requirements.

The services that we offer at Unicode Systems are
  • Integration with open CRM.
  • Integration with Sugar CRM.
  • Integration with V-Tiger.

We understand your business requirements like nobody else will do. We are ready to assist you to set up the Magento Enterprise store that can enable you to enhance your business exponentially. Just give us a call.